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Buffalo Bill Cody

Saddle your horses and hitch your britches! It's time to hit the trail with Buffalo Bill Cody!

Buffalo Bill brings the Old West to life with his one-man Wild West Extravaganza and Revue. Bill invites you to jump up and get into the action, if you like, or you can simply bask in the limelight his world-famous persona.

Buffalo Bill Trailer here
Buffalo Bill Promo Packet
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The 45-minute Show

Bill's School for Cowpokes

Join a mock Buffalo round-up!
Ride on the Pony Express!
Swagger, tip your hat, and spit-on-the-sly!

Tall Tales of the Wild West

Buffalo Bill's colorful exploits are brought to life in an impromptu interactive skit.

Dr. McGillicuddy's Snake Oil Show

The Professor shares tricks of the trade including his brand-new patent medicine, The Elixir of the Life.

The Little Melodrama on the Prairie

Cheer for the hero, hiss at the villain and sigh for the not-so-dainty damsel in distress!

The Melodrama
Once upon a time, way, way out on the big, not-so-flat prairie...
...a poor young mother and her not-so-little baby could not pay the rent.
So the villain tied them to the railroad tracks... Oh my!
But just in the nick of time they got free...
...and lived happily, ever after.
The end!


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