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Schools, Libraries, Groups

Totally Interactive Programs

The programs are suitable for family audiences.

I never break character when I'm with the audience.

My costumes are exquisite, handmade period clothing.

Each program is a self-contained production and can run from 25 to 50 minutes.

The Shows

Marshall Laww's  Knight Games

Lord Marshall Laww re-enacts a Royal Court.
How to Live in a Medieval Manor
A Mock Joust
The Goose Song
The Jesterís Joke off
School for Beggars
Courtly Customs
Playing at Cudgels

Santa's Biggest Elf Show

Honorary elves assemble!
A Visit from St. Nick
Silly Songs
Reindeer Games
The Magic Box
Ho, ho, ho! Contest
Honorary Elf Certificates

Scrooge's Holiday

Ebenezer shares his new found Holiday Spirit!
A Christmas Carol
12 Days of Christmas
The Minister's cat
The Rhyming Game
Holiday Sing-a-long

Buffalo Bill's Wild West

New cowhands learn to swagger, tip the hat and spit-on-the-sly!
School for Cowpokes
Pony Express
Campfire Tales
The Snake Oil Show
Little Melodrama on the Prairie

Poe's Gaslight America

The life, times, and works of Edgar Allan Poe
Life of Poe
Gaslight Era Pastimes
Victorian Courtship, Manners & Superstitions
Spooky Laugh Off
Poe's Hopfrog & the Eight Chained Orangutans
Poe's The System of Dr. Tarr & Professor Fether

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