Each show is an interactive collaboration between the devilishly clever Lord and his unpredictable partner, the audience.

Lord Marshall Laww, the man that peasants love to hate, has been tickling funny bones with his scatological humor and razor wit since 1986.
Cock & Bull Dirty Show!
Loose, lewd and lascivious limericks, cock 'n bull stories,
and the always hilarious Bawdy Auction.
It's really, really, dirty!
(PG-13, adult humor, clean language)
Kangaroo Court Comedy!
Join Marshall Laww's unruly mob and witness a hilarious mockery of medieval justice -
no charges, no matter how made-up, go unpunished.

It's funny, funny family fare!
“Wenches Gone Wild! Tasteful bawdiness abounds!”
-Miami Sun